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The 746- GRANADE VEGAN Flats - Black

The 746- GRANADE VEGAN Flats - Black

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The GRANADE Vegan - Flats by Angela Mallo

Inspired by nostalgia and warmth, Angela drew from her memories and infused them with her artistic vision. She envisioned a pair of shoes that would pay homage to the beloved fruit and encapsulate the essence of Spanish craftsmanship and tradition.

The Flats are vegan, sustainable and handmade in Spain.


The Story

In the quaint town of Elda, nestled in the heart of Spain, lived Angela Mallo, a passionate artist with a deep love for her homeland and its rich cultural heritage. As she strolled through the bustling streets of her hometown, Angela found herself captivated by the vibrant hues of ripe pomegranates glistening in the sunlight. Memories flooded her mind, transporting her back to cherished moments spent with her mother and sister, eagerly plucking the ruby-red seeds from the fruit and savouring their sweet essence.

Inspired by the nostalgia and warmth evoked by the pomegranate, Angela embarked on a creative journey unlike any other. Drawing from her memories and infusing them with her artistic vision, she envisioned a pair of shoes that would pay homage to the beloved fruit and encapsulate the essence of Spanish craftsmanship and tradition.

Collaborating closely with skilled Spanish artisans from the region, she breathed life into her vision, meticulously crafting each shoe with care and precision.

As Angela reflected on her journey, she couldn't help but smile, knowing that her passion for art and her love for pomegranates had blossomed into something extraordinary – a symbol of creativity, heritage, and sustainability.

Size & Fit Information

Size X Foot length

4 US = 35 EU, 212 mm = 8.3 Inc
5 US =36 EU, 220 mm = 8.6 Inc
6 US = 37 EU, 229 mm = 9.0 Inc
7 US = 38 EU, 237 mm = 9.3 Inc
8 US = 39 EU, 246 mm = 9.6 Inc
9 US = 40 EU, 254mm = 10 Inc
10 US = 41 EU, 262 mm = 10.3 Inc
11 US = 42 EU, 270 mm = 10.6 Inc

Fit true to size.
Between sizes? We recommend you round it up.
(i.e. EU 38.5, round up to EU 39)

Care and Maintenance

.To clean your Momoc Shoes, use a clean, dry cloth.

.If necessary, moisten the cloth with water and clean it without rubbing the surface.

.Store and transport your Momoc Shoes in a cotton fabric bag – never use a plastic bag.


Step into sustainability with Momoc shoes!
Crafted with care in Spain, our footwear isn't just assembled – it's born and bred with Spanish pride. We're all about using materials sourced right in Spain, ensuring every step you take embodies the essence of Spanish craftsmanship and quality. Plus, our close ties with local suppliers in Elda, Alicante, means we're constantly pushing the boundaries of sustainability. From researching better materials to reducing waste, we're on a mission to make fashion friendlier to our planet.


. Handmade
. Flats
. Colour: Black
. Outer: Vegan Recycled Fabric
. Vegan Thread Embroidered
. Heel: Recycled Wood
. Heel Height: 1.8cm
. Eco Suede Chrome Free
. Lining Breathable Recycled Ultrasuede
. Pointed-Toe
. Sole: Recycled Tire

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