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Momoc Shoes

The 745- CHUMERRI Flats Vegan - Blue

The 745- CHUMERRI Flats Vegan - Blue

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You Are Stepping Into An Exclusive World of Limited Edition Pieces. This Model is on PRE-ORDER. That Means It Will Be Produced after The Order is Confirmed. Confirmed orders take up to (7) weeks to be shipped.

The CHUMERRI- Flats by Maria Alvarez

The artist dedicated these shoes to her son Lucas, whose nickname is Chumerri. It was Lucas's idea to draw a jaguar because it is his favourite animal.

 Its embroidery is fun, and it's the face of a leopard with a very flattering colour.

The Flats are more than pretty shoes; they are unique, comfortable, colourful,cruelty-free, and handmade in Spain.


The Story

Artist Maria Alvarez
"I dedicate these shoes to my son Lucas, inspired by his love for jaguars. Lucas, who lost his favorite jaguar toy at sea, experienced a traumatic moment. Fortunately, friends from Switzerland brought him a new one, and I even created a video with a fictional story about the jaguar's adventure. Now, Lucas not only got his jaguar back but also inspired the design for these shoes. The name 'CHUMERRI' stems from the quirky nickname he had during pregnancy, as we affectionately called him Chumerri. Even the doctors referred to him by this name, making it hard for me to switch to calling him Lucas when he was born."

Size & Fit Information

Size X Foot length

4 US = 35 EU, 212 mm = 8.3 Inc
5 US =36 EU, 220 mm = 8.6 Inc
6 US = 37 EU, 229 mm = 9.0 Inc
7 US = 38 EU, 237 mm = 9.3 Inc
8 US = 39 EU, 246 mm = 9.6 Inc
9 US = 40 EU, 254mm = 10 Inc
10 US = 41 EU, 262 mm = 10.3 Inc
11 US = 42 EU, 270 mm = 10.6 Inc

Fit true to size.
Between sizes? We recommend you round it up.
(i.e. EU 38.5, round up to EU 39)

Care and Maintenance

.To clean your Momoc Shoes, use a clean, dry cloth.

.If necessary, moisten the cloth with water and clean it without rubbing the surface.

.Store and transport your Momoc Shoes in a cotton fabric bag – never use a plastic bag.


Momoc, a sustainable footwear brand rooted in the charming town of Elda, Alicante, Spain, is characterized by its unwavering commitment to meticulous craftsmanship in shoe production. The brand's choice to manufacture in Spain, specifically in Elda, is driven by a commitment to supporting the local economy and preserving the tradition of Spanish craftsmanship.

Rooted in environmental sustainability, Momoc's core values shine through in its use of recycled, ecological, and vegan materials. Its adoption of a manufacturing-on-demand approach underscores its commitment to resource efficiency and waste reduction.

At its core, Momoc focuses on handcrafted footwear with distinctive designs, prioritizing design, quality, and comfort to create timeless pieces that transcend mere fashion.


. Handmade
. Flats
. Colour: Blue
. Outer: Vegan Suede
. Vegan Thread Embroidered
. Heel: Recycled Wood
. Heel Height: 1.8cm
. Eco Suede Chrome Free
. Lining Breathable Recycled Ultrasuede
. Pointed-Toe
. Sole: Recycled Tire

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