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Momoc Shoes

The 737 -LA VERA RAFFIA Slides Vegan - Orange & Pink

The 737 -LA VERA RAFFIA Slides Vegan - Orange & Pink

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LA VERA RAFFIA Slides - Where Spanish Charm Meets Summer Style!

La Vera Rafia Sandals infuse your summer wardrobe with Spain's vibrant colours and spirited energy!

Crafted with care from 100% natural raffia cut, these sandals exude charm and prioritize sustainability, making them the perfect choice for eco-conscious fashionistas. Each pair is meticulously handmade in Spain by skilled Spanish shoemakers, ensuring impeccable quality and attention to detail that reflects the country's rich artisanal heritage.

¡Vamos! 🇪🇸💃🌺



The Story

Inspired by the picturesque beauty of Spanish towns, these sandals are a delightful blend of pink and orange, reminiscent of the sun-kissed streets and colourful facades that adorn every corner of Spain, but What truly sets La Vera Rafia Sandals apart is their ability to evoke the very essence of Spanish culture and emotion. Their vibrant hues and playful design capture the lively spirit and passionate energy that define the Spanish way of life. Whether you're sipping sangria by the beach, exploring quaint cobblestone streets, or dancing the night away at a fiesta, these sandals will be your stylish companion, keeping you cool and comfortable in the hot summer weather.
¡Viva España!

Size & Fit Information

Size X Foot length

4 US = 35 EU, 212 mm = 8.3 Inc
5 US =36 EU, 220 mm = 8.6 Inc
6 US = 37 EU, 229 mm = 9.0 Inc
7 US = 38 EU, 237 mm = 9.3 Inc
8 US = 39 EU, 246 mm = 9.6 Inc
9 US = 40 EU, 254mm = 10 Inc
10 US = 41 EU, 262 mm = 10.3 Inc
11 US = 42 EU, 270 mm = 10.6 Inc

Fit true to size.
Between sizes? We recommend you round it up.
(i.e. EU 38.5, round up to EU 39)

Care and Maintenance

.To clean your Momoc Shoes, use a clean, dry cloth.

.If necessary, moisten the cloth with water and clean it without rubbing the surface.

.Store and transport your Momoc Shoes in a cotton fabric bag – never use a plastic bag.


Handcrafted in Spain, our footwear isn't just assembled – it's born and bred with Spanish pride. We're all about using materials sourced in Spain, ensuring every step you take embodies the essence of Spanish craftsmanship and quality. Plus, our close ties with local suppliers in Elda, Alicante, means we're constantly pushing the boundaries of sustainability. From researching better materials to reducing waste, our mission is to make fashion friendlier to our planet. And hey, have you seen our La Vera Sandal? They're all about that natural jute, no scraps left behind. So why compromise on style when you can have both fashion and sustainability?


. Handmade
. Slides
. Colour: Orange & Pink
. 100% Raffia
. Front Touch-Strap Fastening
. Insole: Latex and Cork
. Moulded Footbed
. Lining: Eco-friendly microfiber
.Platform: 3.0 cm
.Weight: 300g
.Open Toe
.Recycled EVA

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