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The 712 - NY METALLIC GOLD Loafers - VEGAN

The 712 - NY METALLIC GOLD Loafers - VEGAN

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You Are Stepping Into An Exclusive World of Limited Edition Pieces. This Model is on PRE-ORDER. That Means It Will Be Produced after The Order is Confirmed. Confirmed orders take up to (7) weeks to be shipped.

The NY METALLIC GOLD loafer symbolizes style, sustainability, and a unique touch. Beyond just pretty shoes, it invited wearers to embrace a narrative of compassion and artistry that transcends fashion.

NY Metallic Loafer is unique, comfortable, cruelty-free, and handmade in Spain.





The Story

Committed to sustainable fashion, Gabriela crafted women's loafers with recycled and ecological materials, turning each pair into a canvas for storytelling.

One standout creation was the NY Metallic Gold loafer, adorned with intricate circles, symbolizing sophistication and originality. Beyond its visual appeal, the shoe reflected Gabriela's dedication to style and sustainability.

These loafers weren't just pretty shoes; they embodied a philosophy. Conceived from Gabriela's commitment to cruelty-free fashion and sustainability, they represented a fusion of compassion and artistry.

As each loafer took shape, it became more than a fashion statement—it became a narrative of compassion, sustainability, and the hands-on artistry of a true craftsman. Every pair carried a story of conscious choices, ethical fashion, and the beauty that emerges when design meets responsibility.

Size & Fit Information

Size X Foot length

4 US = 35 EU, 212 mm = 8.3 Inc
5 US =36 EU, 220 mm = 8.6 Inc
6 US = 37 EU, 229 mm = 9.0 Inc
7 US = 38 EU, 237 mm = 9.3 Inc
8 US = 39 EU, 246 mm = 9.6 Inc
9 US = 40 EU, 254mm = 10 Inc
10 US = 41 EU, 262 mm = 10.3 Inc
11 US = 42 EU, 270 mm = 10.6 Inc

Fit true to size.
Between sizes? We recommend you round it up.
(i.e. EU 38.5, round up to EU 39)

Care and Maintenance

.To clean your Momoc Shoes, use a clean, dry cloth.

.If necessary, moisten the cloth with water and clean it without rubbing the surface.

.Store and transport your Momoc Shoes in a cotton fabric bag – never use a plastic bag.


Handcrafted in Spain, our footwear isn't just assembled – it's born and bred with Spanish pride. We're all about using materials sourced in Spain, ensuring every step you take embodies the essence of Spanish craftsmanship and quality. Plus, our close ties with local suppliers in Elda, Alicante, means we're constantly pushing the boundaries of sustainability. From researching better materials to reducing waste, our mission is to make fashion friendlier to our planet. And hey, have you seen our Casablanca moccasins? They're all about that natural white jute, no scraps left behind, with elegant touches of tulle for that extra flair. So why compromise on style when you can have both fashion and sustainability?


. Handmade
. Loafers
.Colour: Metallic Gold
.Eco Suede Chrome Free
. Lining Breathable Recycled Ultrasuede
. Slip-on
. Heel: 0.8 cm
.Sole: Recycled Rubber
.Slightly Square Toe

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