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Fash & Co.

The 610 - CHARM LOAFER Leather - Blue Jeans

The 610 - CHARM LOAFER Leather - Blue Jeans

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The CHARM LOAFERS are about to make their grand entrance, and you have the opportunity to be among the first to embrace this unique colour. Start building your style statement with a pair that effortlessly blends classic charm with a modern twist.

Be the First in Blue.


Size & Fit Information

Size X length

4 US = 33 BR, 23.2 cm = 9.1 Inc.
5 US = 34 BR, 23.8 cm = 9.3 Inc
6 US = 35 BR, 24 cm = 9.4 Inc
7 US = 36 BR, 25 cm = 9.8 Inc
8 US = 37 BR, 25.7 cm = 10.1 Inc.
9 US = 38 BR, 26.2 cm = 10.3 Inc
10 US = 39 BR, 26.8 cm = 10.5 Inc
11 US = 40 BR, 27.5 cm = 10.8 Inc.

To find your perfect Fash & Co. size, follow the steps below:

A) Measure the insole of one of your shoes and compare it with the table below:

4 US = 33 BR, 23.2 cm=9.1 Inc. | 5 US=34 BR ,23.8 cm=9.3 Inc.

6 US=35 BR, 24 cm=9.4 Inc. | 7 US=36 BR, 25 cm=9.8 Inc.

8 US=37 BR, 25.7 cm=10.1 Inc. | 9 US=38 BR, 26.2 cm= 10.3 Inc.

10 US=39 BR, 26.8 cm=10.5 Inc. | 11 US=40 BR, 27.5 cm=10.8 Inc.

B) When in doubt between two sizes, round down.

C) This model is suitable for all types of feet.

Care and Maintenance

• Clean with a damp cloth as needed.
• Avoid direct exposure to light, heat and moisture.


Fash & Co. is a brand Founded by Mariana in the vibrant city of Curitiba, Brazil. The brand embodies the essence of conscious fashion through its dedication to small-batch production and pre-orders.

At Fash & Co., they believe in crafting not just shoes and accessories but experiences. Mariana's commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect of the brand. From sourcing materials locally to supporting skilled artisans and fostering long-term relationships with shoemakers, she ensures that each step of the process reflects her values.

Her shoes and bags are meticulously designed in her atelier, where every detail is carefully considered to meet the modern woman's needs. She understands that comfort is just as important as style, so her designs are crafted to blend both aspects seamlessly. Whether running errands or attending a soirée, Fash & Co. elevates your everyday elegance.

What sets Fash & Co. apart is its unwavering dedication to quality craftsmanship. Each pair of shoes is lovingly handcrafted by skilled artisans in Brazil, using only the finest materials sourced from local suppliers. Every element speaks to the artistry and dedication behind our creations, from the genuine leather that extends from the outer layer to the insole to the intricate stitched edge detail.

Join this journey towards a more sustainable and stylish future with Fash & Co. Experience the beauty of handmade wonders that look good and make you feel good about your choices.

Thank you for supporting our vision of conscious fashion.

With gratitude,
The Fash & Co. Team


.Handmade in Brazil
.Colour: Blue Jeans
.Classic Decorative Lateral Leather Lace
.Tassels Detail
. Stacked Heel
.Stitched Edge
.Almond Toe
.The Classic Loafers
.100% Leather

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