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Dona Rufina

The 210 - SCULPTED HEELS - Black Leather

The 210 - SCULPTED HEELS - Black Leather

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The SCULPTED HEELS are individually handmade funky sandals featuring sculpted wood heels sourced from a reforestation area, Surplus/Sustainable Leather outer, with matching leather ankle straps in a bold and differentiated design with exaggerated toes. Wear them all summer, and tuck them in your luggage for a distinguished look on vacation!

Size & Fit Information

Size X length

5 US = 33 BR, 21.4cm = 8.4 Inc
5.5US =34 BR, 22cm = 8.6 Inc
6 US = 35 BR, 22.7cm = 8.9 Inc
7 US = 36 BR, 23.3cm = 9.2 Inc
7.5 US = 37 BR, 23.9cm = 9.4 Inc
9 US = 38 BR, 24.5cm = 9.6 Inc
10 US = 40 BR, 25.6cm = 10.1 Inc

Care and Maintenance

.Leather and suede are natural materials and may have slight variations in colour and texture.
.To clean your leather or suede shoes, use only a clean, dry cloth;
.If necessary, moisten the cloth with water and clean it without rubbing the surface;
.If your leather item has contact with water, dry it at room temperature;
.Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun or any other source of heat - leather can “burn” and lose its original characteristics;
.Store and transport in the original 100% cotton fabric packaging – never use a plastic bag.
.Be careful with sharp objects, friction can “injure” the leather or suede, removing its surface finishing layer;
.Never use adhesive tapes on the surface of leather or suede - they can peel off the finishing layer and leave irreparable marks on your garment.


.Colour: Black
.Colourful Leather Insole
. Wood Sculpted Heel (Reforestation Zone)
.Strappy Design
.Round Shape Toe
.Buckle -Fastening Ankle Strap
.Individually Handmade
.Surplus/Sustainable Leather
. Ergonomic Design fits all types of feet

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