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Fash & Co.

Le 635 - MOCASSIN GIRL BOSS Cuir - Noir

Le 635 - MOCASSIN GIRL BOSS Cuir - Noir

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Le GIRL BOSS MOCASSIN. Les chaussures se démarquent grâce à leur design intemporel.


The Story

In the heart of the bustling city of Curitiba, amidst the constant hum of life, Mariana was a passionate shoe designer with a knack for reinventing classics. Her studio was a haven of creativity, where she poured her soul into every design. One day, as she perused her collection of vintage shoes, her eyes landed on a pair of timeless loafers.
Inspiration sparked within Mariana as she envisioned breathing new life into this classic style. She imagined a shoe that exuded confidence and sophistication yet was effortlessly wearable for the modern woman on the go. With her trademark leather fringe, she knew she could add a touch of uniqueness that would set her creation apart. Thus, "The Girl Boss" loafers were born.

Mariana meticulously crafted each pair with the utmost care, ensuring they were stylish but also practical and comfortable. The leather fringe became her brand's hallmark, symbolizing elegance and individuality. Slip-on and go, they were the epitome of ease and convenience, perfect for the busy lives led by modern women.

As word of "The Girl Boss" loafers spread, they quickly became a sensation. Women from all walks of life flocked to Mariana's studio, eager to get their hands on these must-have shoes. 

But it wasn't just the stylish design that captivated hearts; it was the ethos behind the shoes. Mariana believed in empowering women to conquer their dreams and walk confidently in their shoes, and "The Girl Boss" loafers embodied that spirit. They were more than footwear; they symbolized strength, determination, and individuality.

Mariana smiled as "The Girl Boss" loafers adorned women's feet worldwide, knowing that she had achieved her goal of creating something extraordinary. For her, it was a testament to the power of passion and creativity and the belief that every woman deserves to feel like a boss in her own right. And as she continued to innovate and inspire, Mariana knew the journey was beginning.

Guide des tailles

Taille X longueur

4 US = 33 BR, 22,5 cm = 8,8 Inc.
5 US = 34 BR, 23,5 cm = 9,2 Inc.
6 US = 35 BR, 24 cm = 9,4 Inc.
7 US = 36 BR, 24,5 cm = 9,6 Inc.
8 US = 37 BR, 25 cm = 9,8 Inc.
9 US = 38 BR, 26 cm = 10,2 Inc.
10 US = 39 BR, 26,5 cm = 10,4 Inc
11 US = 40 BR, 27,5 cm = 10,8 Inc.

Pour trouver votre taille Fash & Co. parfaite, suivez les étapes ci-dessous :

A) Mesurez la semelle intérieure d'une de vos chaussures et comparez-la avec le tableau ci-dessous :

4 US = 33 BR, 22,5 cm = 8,8 Inc. | 5 US=34 BR, 23,5 cm=9,2 Inc.

6 US=35 BR, 24 cm=9,4 Inc. | 7 US=36 BR, 24,5 cm=9,6 Inc.

8 US=37 BR, 25 cm= 9,8 Inc. | 9 US=38 BR, 26 cm= 10,2 Inc.

10 US=39 BR, 26,5 cm=10,4 Inc. | 11 US=40 BR, 27,5 cm=10,8 Inc.

B) En cas de doute entre deux tailles, arrondissez à l'inférieur.

C) Ce modèle convient à tous les types de pieds.

Entretien et maintenance

• Nettoyer avec un chiffon humide si nécessaire.
• Évitez l'exposition directe à la lumière, à la chaleur et à l'humidité.


Fash & Co. is a brand Founded by Mariana in the vibrant city of Curitiba, Brazil. The brand embodies the essence of conscious fashion through its dedication to small-batch production and pre-orders.

At Fash & Co., they believe in crafting not just shoes and accessories but experiences. Mariana's commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect of the brand. From sourcing materials locally to supporting skilled artisans and fostering long-term relationships with shoemakers, she ensures that each step of the process reflects her values.

Her shoes and bags are meticulously designed in her atelier, where every detail is carefully considered to meet the modern woman's needs. She understands that comfort is just as important as style, so her designs are crafted to blend both aspects seamlessly. Whether running errands or attending a soirée, Fash & Co. elevates your everyday elegance.

What sets Fash & Co. apart is its unwavering dedication to quality craftsmanship. Each pair of shoes is lovingly handcrafted by skilled artisans in Brazil, using only the finest materials sourced from local suppliers. Every element speaks to the artistry and dedication behind our creations, from the genuine leather that extends from the outer layer to the insole to the intricate stitched edge detail.

Join this journey towards a more sustainable and stylish future with Fash & Co. Experience the beauty of handmade wonders that look good and make you feel good about your choices.

Thank you for supporting our vision of conscious fashion.

With gratitude,
The Fash & Co. Team


.Couleur : Noir
.Frange décorative classique
. Tirette au talon
. Talon empilé
.Bord cousu
Bout en amande
.Glisser sur
.Les Mocassins Classiques
.100% cuir

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