What We Believe

Set free your unique style and empower your individuality with our curated collection of independent designers from Brazil and Spain.

We believe in the beauty of authentic craftsmanship, and our mission is to bring you exclusive, limited production footwear and accessories that reflect the artistry and passion of these talented designers. By connecting these visionary artists with fashion conscious Canadian consumers, we offer a gateway to one-of-a-kind pieces that are meticulously hand crafted with exceptional attention to detail.

Allow the opportunity to own extraordinary creations at accessible prices, as we believe that luxury should be attainable for every woman who seeks to express her personal flair. Step into a world where individuality reigns and ignite your style with our exclusive range of hand-picked treasures from Brazil and Spain.

How We Choose Designers

It’s not just about selling products; it's about sharing stories and contributing to a better way of consuming.

Each piece in Eclectic Sole carries the essence of its creator, a bit of their journey infused into its fabric. I want my clients to feel connected to the artists behind the designs and experience the same sense of wonder and inspiration I feel every time I discover a new treasure.

So, as I continue to scout for designers to join the Eclectic Sole family, I do so with an open heart and a keen eye for craftsmanship. I seek out those who dare to be different and who embrace their uniqueness with confidence and pride. Because, in the end, it's the stories we tell through fashion that genuinely make us who we are. And at Eclectic Sole, those stories are waiting to be told.

Meet the Founders

A husband and wife team created the concept of Eclectic Sole. Jeff is a lifelong Canadian, with all of the history and culture of Canada. Camila was born and raised in Brazil, until she made Canada her home in 2006. Camila's Brazilian roots spawned the idea that so many great international designers and shoemakers have not established a presence in Canada.

The concept was born in early 2021 in Ontario, where Jeff and Camila set out to engage Brazilian and European shoe designers and producers, offering them the opportunity to showcase their merchandise in Canada. We have brought together a diverse mix of designers and producers, so that they will provide an "Eclectic" range of products from which to choose. Our customers are original, one of a kind, and their Eclectic nature is what makes this symbiotic relationship work.

Get to Know Designers from Around the World